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ASU, Banga, Aklan. Nineteen (19) DepEd teachers coming from different district of Aklan and one (1) from DA-LGU Altavas, underwent an enhancement and assessment for Agricultural Crops Production NC III at the Aklan State University-Assessment Center (ASU-AC) on April 04 to 07, 2017.

            Prior to the assessment, the participants subjected themselves to training/enhancement for two (2) days to prepare them for a one day competency assessment conducted by the University’s certified assessors for the said qualification. The two (2) days enhancement was facilitated by the Center’s trainers who delivered the lectures and practical activities pertaining to the acquisition of the competency for ACP NC III.  Dr. Evelyn P. Vedasto delivered the topics on Implementing Vertebrates Pest Control Program, Seed Germination and Preparing and Applying Chemicals; Dr. Lelisa J. Teodosio enlightened the participants of the topics on Controlling Weeds and Saving, Preparing and Storing Agricultural Seeds; Dr. Ruby M. Besana delivered the topic on Establishing Agronomic  Crops; Prof. Remedios C. Ibabao for Implementing Postharvest Program; Implementing Plant Nutrition Program was elucidated by Dr. Nenia N. Bohulano; Engr. Jennie G. Macarilay for Undertaking Agronomic Crops Harvesting Activities; Dr. Carmenchita M. Tumaca discussed the topics on Preparing Land for Agricultural Crops Production and Fertilizer Computation; and Mr. Marlon de Juan took charge of the practical side like the operation of the hand tractor and layouting of the field for planting.

            The assessment proper was done by batches of ten (10) candidates per batch for two days. The first day of assessment (April 06) was carried out by Dr. Michael T. Ibisate, a certified assessor for ACP NC III. On the second day (April 07), Prof. Ma. Rema B. Lauron, another certified assessor for ACP NC III and OAP NC II assessed the second batch candidates. A representative coming from TESDA Provincial Office in the person of Mr. Gerald G. Tinao observed the whole proceedings of the assessment. 

Candidates for ACP NC III during the practical examinations on land preparation, making/lay outing  of plots and planting agricultural crops.

The ASU-Assessment Center is Managed by Dr. Lelisa J. Teodosio as  manager. The Center is on operation for more than a year now and had served various clients all over of Region 6 for ACP and OAP qualifications. MMTeodosio.

Aklan State University joined the 61st Anniversary of the Province of Aklan, on April 25, 2017.

The celebration was joined by the 5 campuses of Aklan State University which are the Banga, Kalibo, Ibajay, New Washington, and Makato campuses.

It is an annual weeklong festivity to celebrate the declaration of the separation of Aklan from its mother province of Capiz on April 25,1958.

The commemoration was celebrated through the following activities:

Thanksgiving Mass                                          6:30 AM               Kalibo Cathedral

Civic and Military Parade                                  7:30 AM               Pastrana Park to Goding Ramos Park

Flag Raising and Wreath Laying Ceremonies    9:00 AM               Goding Ramos Park

Commemorative Program                                10:00 AM              ABL Sports Complex

aklanday 01 ASU - Banga Campus during the Civic and Military Parade  (Left: Imelda Rentino, Center: Danilo E. Abayon, Right: Ramy Dela Cruz).
Photo by Lovella Chris Palma

manduyog hill 01                        Photo taken by Jomarie Romaquin during the 40th Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


What can you see?

The hill is covered with trees and plants. From the hill, you will see the whole place of Banga. At the top, you can see the big white cross that has a length of approximately 40 feet. The cross is sometimes lighted and can be seen from the north of Kalibo and the sea beyond. In this hill, you can also see a chapel where masses are celebrated, plus life-size statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross. The 14 Stations of the Cross portray the things that happened to Jesus while the cross was on his shoulders, how many times he fell on the ground, the scenario when he was nailed, died, and taken down from the cross, and as he was laid in the sepulcher. The stations have numbers, names of the donors, and the dates they were donated.

Did you know?

This place is where the annual pilgrimage of Manduyog is conducted every Good Friday (Holy Week), visiting the 14 Stations of the Cross. The people pray while holding their rosary; they also light candles and place them at every stop while climbing the peak of the hill.

Today, even it is not for religion reasons, Manduyog Hill attracts visitors near and far. The hill has a good ambience and the surroundings have refreshing air and magical tranquility. Whoever goes to this place will feel safe and comfortable. The place will captivate your heart and soul. With the cross on this hill, the religious devotion and feeling of pride live in every Banganhon’s heart. The life-size statues of Jesus will remind the people about the things that happened and His painful and difficult experiences in saving us all.

Visiting the Place

The Manduyog Hill is located at the Aklan State University in Banga. From Manila, you can take a ride via Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines. The plane ticket costs around 1,500–2,500 pesos. Then from Kalibo, you can take a jeepney going to Banga. The base of the hill can be reached by jeepney or tricycle. You need to walk to the top of the hill, but the way is easy to trek because there is a concrete road for the people.


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